The owner of any online casino (for instance 389poker) will tell you when it comes to the casino’s most popular games, poker is always right up there in the top three.

Why has online poker become such a popular game in the last few years? Why do people seem to love it even more than playing poker offline?

You can play many more hands — As online poker moves much faster than offline poker, it is possible to get five or six times the number of hands in on one night than it is offline.

That means if you are trying to play as many hands as possible in order to maximize your chances of winning, online poker is a much better way to do it.


Free money to play — While you are not likely to ever be given free money to play poker offline, online it is a pretty commonplace thing.

This is due to online casinos offering cash bonuses to new customers, as well as free money throughout the month for those that play in a casino frequently.

Sign up to play at five or six online casinos, and you could end up getting free money to play poker with every few days.


Always a game available — Playing poker offline can be a bit of a hassle. Unless you live close to a casino, you have to spend time rounding up enough people to play. If you do live near a casino, you still may not be able to play when you want to as all the tables are full.

Play online poker, however, and it does not matter at what time of day you want to play as there will always be hundreds of poker tables you can immediately join.


Tables for all stakes levels — Some people love to play online poker as it allows them to easily move up and down the stakes, depending on how well they are playing at any given time. There are hundreds of tables at all different stakes levels, and always a space at a table for them somewhere.

Playing offline poker, however, will usually mean playing with different groups of people if you want to move up or down a level. This adds an extra level of complication to your game you simply will not have on the Internet.


Play poker from anywhere — Finally, you can play poker at any time of day and from anywhere you happen to be.

This eliminates the need to drive somewhere to play, to get dressed up or to find a group to play with. It also allows you to play poker online when the mood strikes. Even if that mood only gives you 15 minutes to play in.

Can you imagine trying to find a poker game available offline from wherever you are, and for just a few minutes? No, you cannot, because it is not usually possible.