When eyeing up the odds for the night it can be easy to get carried away by the money line. While it may seem like a safer bet, its easy to get misled. In baseball matchups are everything. Often times bets are placed based on a hot streak or an overall stat line, but that doesn’t give the whole picture.


Pitching Matchups Matter

Betting on basic stats alone is risky. To see if a money line is going to be a money drain, check pitching history. Does the starting pitcher have previous innings on this team? If so check the splits. If a pitcher has a seven era overall but against this team a two, it might be safe to say he is a great counter. It’s also important to check the lineup and see what the best batters splits are against that pitching style.

Homefield Deception

Homefield advantage doesn’t exist. It does in some aspects but for the most part, a home crowd will not make a bad team suddenly good. Avoid the trap of home-field advantage. Unless the field gives a distinct advantage, such as Coors, its best to focus in on the game, not the crowd.

Double Head Scratchers

Doubleheaders are a tough feat for any player. It’s hard to gauge how someone can hold up on a particular day or series, especially back-to-back. The best strategy for doubleheaders is to avoid them altogether. Managers’ strategies might get figured out, or be tuned for game two. The money line might as well be a wild guess in these nights.

Reigning Champs Can Make You A Chump

Gauging a team based on last year’s success is a risky venture. A team that won it all, could be sub .500 by June. The stress and wear of being in the playoffs are often forgotten by fans. It’s best to wait a bit on deep playoff contenders of last year. Get a feel for the team and see what injuries may still linger. For more betting tips click this link.

Spring Training Is For The Players, Not You

Spring training is a recipe for outrageous scores. The games are for people to shake off the rust and for some to prove themselves. They are not for you to bet. They are volatile games that aren’t being played to win. The money line might call your name, but know better to avoid that pain. If you must bet on spring training, wait until the starters are playing significant innings. Let them shake off the rust.

Remember, check what’s behind the money line and why it may be that high or low. Do your research and avoid your inner fan.