Micro Vs. High Stakes Poker Online


Micro stakes and high stakes are rather different in a few different ways when it comes to playing poker online. Here are some examples of how the two types are different from one another. For starters, in general, most people who play will be doing micro-stakes or just low stakes. It’s a lot more common. Here are a few of the other ways they are different for people who are thinking about trying to get into more of a high stakes option for playing poker on the Internet.


Structural Differences.


For one thing, the structure when it comes to high-stakes poker online is often considerably different. It’s a lot more complicated and it tends to move slower. The upshot of this is that you have to have a lot more patience if you’re going to try the high-stakes option. The recommendation if you’re nervous is to play a lot more conservatively at first until you get used to the idea. The slower pace of the games also means that you have more time to make observations about the play style of your opponents to get a better sense of what you can do to win. If you are playing a game that goes on for multiple days, then it’s super important to make sure you learn all about them on the first day if at all possible.


Bubble Focus


If you play a lot of micro stakes games, you may not realize just how important the bubble becomes. In micro stakes, this might only be around $15 or so. However, in a 10k game, the minimum cash might be around $15,000, so this is a lot more pressure. It helps to know who is a professional at the table who constantly plays these stakes helps since these people will be more likely to try to take advantage of new players who are more fearful of the bubble.


Strength of Field


Low and micro-stake games have a real difference in terms of the strength of the field compared to high stakes. The average intelligence of the table will be way up, with the more average players being way better in general. There will be far more professional players as well. Everyone will be better and it will be harder to just coast. You may even recognize some of the players from their fame in other games. It’s important to not be intimidated by a player just because they are famous. No one really knows you so you can just play your best game as normal and focus on that instead of getting distracted by anything else happening.