Sports betting has become an attractive venture in recent years. However, a great number of people have fallen prey to bookies. You probably have heard of lost bets every weekend whenever there is some Premier League action. To beat the bookies, you need to be a little bit smart. Here are a few tips to get you going.



Know your game


Getting to know the sport on which you want to place your bet is essential in putting you on the edge of the bookie. You have to know the teams participating, their history in some of their matches, their position in the league, among other things.


Many people go into online sports betting with little or no information about the sport and lose. Bookies are winning big time on such people as most of them are attracted by the odds, but the results are often not in their favor. In this regard, you probably want to have a little bit of information about the game before you hit the ‘place your bet’ option.



Try out different markets


When you have some good knowledge of your sport and have been catching up with most of the action, you’d want to try out new markets. You do not have to necessarily bet on the home or away team or even a draw. Betting on other markets like the number of goals scored, who to achieve, which team to score first, to mention a few, will increase your chances of winning.


Again, you must have some good knowledge about the sport to place such bets. This will increase your chances of winning, especially if you’re placing a bet on competitive matches that you cannot predict the winner. Therefore, go for the extra markets if you really want to beat the bookies.



Have fewer selections


Having many odds is attractive, and many gamblers are tempted to add more teams to their bet slip to increase their odds. However, doing this reduces your chances of winning. One or more teams you are not sure of will probably make you lose your bet. For you to beat the bookie, go for fewer selections. Having just two or even one team would increase your chances of winning. Go for the picks that you are sure of and place your money on them.



Use your brain to bet


You have to make wise decisions since you are playing with your money. For instance, when your favorite team is playing, you do not have to place a bet on them, especially when the winning odds are against them. Use your brain and statistics to place your bets rather than your heart.


Another thing, having multiple bookies will be an added advantage. Some bookies have free bets, others have more odds than others for the same matches, and therefore you would want to have multiple accounts to reap such rewards. You do not have to stick to that one bookie when others offer better odds since it is not just about winning but winning big rewards.



Sports betting is an interesting venture, but you will have to be smart and strategic to beat the bookies. If you want to give it a go, head on over to