Mobile Gambling and mobile e-sports are beginning to catch fire around the world. the slot machine apps that used to be played for fun are now paying out real cash, and accepting it too. With people all over the world betting nickels on lines and card, why is it that gambling on your mobile phone is so fun? Read on beyond the jump to find out.

Its fast

Convenience and speed dominates our social climate right now. As our society moves further away from hard, laborious tasks and technology continues to grow human beings are beginning to search for the path of least resistance. Why dress up and go out to the casino, when the fun can now just sit in your pocket! Slots, poker, blackjack, all right there inside your phone! Its also really fun to play a hand of cards, or pull the lever of a machine while waiting on the bus, or in between daily tasks.

Its simple

This point plays nicely with our first point. Most phone users understand how to install and operate an app today. These casinos and e-sports apps function no differently than regular game or app on your phone. Because its simple to install, set up, and use. There’s no fuss and you can get on with your gaming sooner.

No cash deposits means free play money.

A lot of these apps will provide you with a mobile casinos no deposit bonus. This is just a really fancy term for free money. The thought here is that the app providers want you to try their games, see that they do pay out, and get hooked with a minimal investment on your part. The low overhead of not actually owning a machine makes this more than possible. Free money to foster and feed your addiction! (you know you love it. so do I)

There is some skill involved

This point pertains more to the mobile e-sport apps then to the virtual casino scene. The idea here is that every player is given the same chance to compete, and the best player wins. Having a high skill ceiling on a seemingly simple game means that more people keep coming back to get better and win more money. Plus, skill based games are a blast!

It plays with your brain

This is a general rule of psychology. When the machine pays out, and the realization that you won some money sets in, endorphins are released in the brain, simulating the reward system. This is the basic underlying reason people get addicted in the first place, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or digital casino, the effects are the same.


The bottom line is that these games are fun because they are fun. Mobile gambling apps, betting on sports, e-sports money games aren’t doing anything different from their physical counter-parts. When you take a game that’s fun, and occasionally reward people for playing, you create an addiction to the game. when you digitize that process in today’s society, you create the craze that is currently sweeping the world by storm!