One of the most exciting games at the online Judi Bola is roulette, and many players are making substantial amounts of money each day by playing by a certain set of rules. Today you are going to be exposed to these rules and if you commit them to your game play, you could go from making deposits each week to withdrawing piles of cash every week to spend as you like.

Setting Winning & Losing Limits

The biggest mistake the majority of gamblers make at the online casino is not knowing when to walk away. The key to lasting at roulette is knowing when to quit while you are ahead or behind. To do this, simply set winning and losing limits before you even place your first bet. A great rule of thumb is limiting yourself to only 20 percent of your bankroll so you can ride out the cold streaks.

To that point, if you win 20 percent of your bankroll during one session, take the chips off the table and come back tomorrow to build on those successes. If you lose 20 percent of your bankroll, then you must stop playing immediately so that you are never going to put all of your chips at risk in a single day.

Conservative Steady Betting

Some players prefer the slow and steady approach to building a nice bankroll. In roulette, this is betting off the board on the red/black, 1-18/19-36, and odd/even. These bets all pay even money, and that is because you basically have a 50/50 chance of one hitting, unless there is a 0 on the wheel. The idea here is to choose one outside bet, and stick with it during the entire session.

The reasoning is simple. Chances are good your selection is going to come out frequently. If it does, you are going to slowly start building up chips. Things happen slowly with this betting strategy, so you have time to pull up and leave when you hit your limit.

Risky Huge Score Betting

If you want more excitement at the roulette wheel, start betting a number straight up. If you choose the same number and the wheel spins 35 times, chances are good your number will come out at least once. At 35:1 odds, if betting $1, you will be in the profit if your number hits before the 35th spin.

This is a great strategy if your number is really hot because you can easily surpass your winning limit in a few spins and then come back tomorrow with a much bigger bankroll to play with.

The one thing to remember with roulette is that there is no thing as a sure thing. Just like how the same number can come out three times in a row, so can the opposite color you are betting a half-dozen times. Play conservative and stick to your limits and you will ride out cold streaks and maximize profits on those hot streaks.