Once you understand the basics of Domino QiuQiu, this game can be as fun if not more than playing Texas Holdem poker online. This is nothing more than a variation of the game of online poker, except instead of the traditional playing cards, Domino QiuQiu, also known as poker qiu, uses a double six set of traditional dominoes where all blank tiles have been removed from the game. When the game starts, there will be only twenty of the tiles actually in play.

The Basics of Domino QiuQiu

Now that you understand that dominoes are going to be substituted for the traditional deck of playing cards in Domino QiuQiu, we need to get down to the basics. This game is a simple variation of straight poker that involves either two, three, or even four players. Now before the deal, all players at the table will have to put in a small bet, similar to the ante in regular poker. This makes certain that every hand is going to have some type of winner. Regardless of the number of people who are playing Domino QiuQiu, they each will receive five tiles. These tiles are dealt face down just like in online poker.

Tips for Playing Domino QiuQiu

Similar to traditional online poker, the game starts with players acting in a counter-clockwise position. The action is always to the left of the players, and each player can do one of the following when it is their turn to act.

Check: To stay in the game without putting in any more money, this is only an available option if no one has bet and it is still in the first round.

Folding: If a player wishes to drop out of the hand and give up the money in the pot, you can fold without showing your hand.

Betting: A minimum and maximum is usually decided before play, and betting gives the player the chance to boost the size of the pot.

Calling: If you put in enough money to equal the bets of the other players, you are calling. Betting stops when all remaining players have contributed the same to the pot.

Raising: When one player has bet or raised, then you can raise in turn.

The Hands of Domino QiuQiu

Just like in online poker, the highest hand will win the pot. These hands are ranked from the best to the worst.

  1. Royal Hand – Invincible: Five doubles in your hand is the best hand in Domino QiuQiu.
  2. The Straight Sixes: The sequence in the suit of sixes can only be achieved two ways, so no chance of a player tie.
  3. Four-of-a-Kind: A hand contains four doubles it is considered to be a four-of-a-kind in Domino QiuQiu.
  4. The Straight Fives: There is only two ways to get a hand where the sequence is the suit of all fives.
  5. Full House: Any suit with three doubles.
  6. Straight Fours: Sequence in suit of fours.
  7. Triples: Three of a kind.
  8. The Flush: All five tiles same suit.
  9. Pair: One pair.
  10. The High Card: When no one has any of the above hands, high card wins.

As you can see, Domino QiuQiu is a fun variation of a game that has already taken the world by storm. Combining two popular games in one has created a new popular activity that is starting to become more popular as more people are being exposed to it.