Low Stakes Poker

The best way to begin playing poker online is with a low stakes game. This way you can become familiar with the nuances of the online version without spending a lot of money. This will reduce stress and allow you to focus your energy on your goals for the long term. When you begin with too high of a stake you can become overwhelmed by the people you are playing the game with.

The Time Element

Online poker has a feature referred to as the time-bank. This means you have a specific amount of time to decide what you are going to do before the clock is called. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the way the site is set up, the page for the cashier, bonus offers and betting features. Once you are familiar with these features the clock will not affect you nearly as much.

Poker Tables

One of the biggest difference between live poker and the online version is the number of hands that are played. Although you have the option of playing at more than one table at a time, starting with just one table makes it easier to learn the game. Once you understand how everything works and are comfortable with it adding an additional table or two increases your chances of winning. The more hands you play the better your odds. Online poker moves extremely quickly and you have to learn to adjust.

Between Hands

Many individuals who are just learning online poker try to find something to do between hands. They watch television, look at the web or talk on their phones. These are distractions that can cause you to make mistakes or miss pertinent information. This can cause you to stop taking the game seriously and never becoming a top online poker player. If you get to the point where you have too much extra time add another table but do not allow yourself to become distracted.

Your Environment

You need to set up your environment in a businesslike manner. Having your computer on a desk in a den or an office is ideal. This gives you the ability to close the door and keep your attitude on a professional level. Sitting on your sofa with your spouse with the television on is a distraction. An ergonomic chair is also an excellent idea if you play often because it will help prevent any problems with back pain. A large monitor with higher resolution will make playing multiple tables easier and take some of the strain off your eyes. A top of the line mouse will allow you to complete your actions quicker and reduce the strain on your wrist. When you need a break take one.

The Software

Although there are numerous types of software available for playing online poker start with a site that already has software present. One of the benefits is it gives you the ability to make notations on the different players. Whenever a player you have made a note on shows up you will see what you have written. This lets you retain the information needed to play your best possible game. A good example is a poker shark. If there is a table you are considering playing but six or seven of the players are coming up as sharks you know you need to find a different table.

It is also a good idea to consider looking at sites which offer other game types like domino qiu qiu, for example. If you are tired of playing poker or simply want to wind down after a long session, you can easily jump into a low stakes domino qiu qiu game or even use play money to mess around with and blow some steam off.