Stay smart

One of the best tips for playing this domino qiu qiu is to recognize that this is a poker game and not dominoes per se. Poker has a not only a different playing style, but also a different focus. Regular dominoes are a game of skill and only a little chance, but poker is a definite gambling game through and through, so that sets a different set of circumstances under which a player must play. However, when they are combined, it makes for a game that has the highs and lows of sports entertainment. Additionally, you are your own sports team, so a little flash may make an opposing player respect sill of the opponent if the opponent has these skills are not.

Poker face

The poker face is the requisite poker strategy that every person must learn. It seems like a false overwritten narrative to the poker game, and it has become a ubiquitous phrase, but those skills must be mastered and for practical reasons. The onset of online poker gas made the poker face less important in games that are not multi-player, but in live poker, the ability to not give an indication of a poor or favorable hand gives a player a multitude of choices that can lead to dominating the game. However, when someone does not, the advantage immediately goes to those playing that are. So that is our first strategy, the poker face. This is all because the word tell means something in poker.

A tell

A tell is when someone makes a move with their body that corresponds to certain poker hands. This occurs subconsciously, so people have to be aware of these actions on themselves. Even a smile can be a tell if it occurs nervously when you have bad hand or if you are giddy from getting a good one, even a smile can be a tell. The best players can fake a tell. This is like having a hidden dagger because this second level thinking, and these players are the most skilled players on the game. However, it is the type of thinking that leads to faking a tell that best describes how players should play the game. You should think of every way to win the game and then practice it.


And this thought process leads to the last strategy which is to play the game, and play it by the rules. Great sportsmanship is what makes this a game of gentleman. Everything in poker demands some traditional courtesy. When people learn these courtesies, they can learn better because opponents will be more forward and will not mind teaching you in games when money is not involved. In this way, you become a part of the culture. When you are an insider, you truly gain insights that will catapult you to the top of this game. The only advice is to play the game as much as possible. This practice will also make a huge difference in the way you handle yourself in this game.