There are a number of different online betting styles when playing poker, but one of the more rewarding is loose and aggressive. The advantages are numerous, and these are just some of the things to consider when playing poker online with the loose aggressive style.

If you want to keep moving up in stakes in online poker, try the loose aggressive style;

The first advantage to the loose and aggressive betting style is that you will scare away many weak players before the flop. These players are used to you raising, so they tend to fold the blinds to avoid a confrontation when they hold junk. In the rare instance where the weak player calls, you know they either have a solid hand or they are just frustrated and want to see the flop. Making a fast and big continuation bet usually scares them away.

That being said, if you do play the loose and aggressive betting style and a player who is weak and tight calls the raise, you know they have a hand. Unless you have a hand that could win the showdown, this gives you a chance to cut bait and get out of the hand without losing any real money too. So by playing loose aggressive, you are in control of the hand from the start, regardless if the weak player calls or folds their hand.

When you are using the loose and aggressive betting style at the online poker table, you will give tight players fits because they cannot make heads or tails what hand you are betting with. Regardless the board, they know that you are capable of playing just about any two cards, so they proceed with caution and usually only make a move if they think they have the nuts and are trying to trap you.

Loose and aggressive players scoop more pots, especially before the flop. Those little pots add up, and is a great way to build a nice cushion so that you’ll survive the occasional bad beats. As your bankroll starts to grow, so does your ability to move up in stakes. Now that you are dominating the low money tables, you have a cushion to move up a dollar amount and continue dominating the tables. Weak players are everywhere at the online poker sites like poker poker 99, not just the penny tables. They come eager with a huge bankroll, and often play at table amounts too rich for their skill level.

Keep in mind that you need to stay disciplined even though you are giving the appearance you could care less. If you allow your loose style to get out of control, you get labeled a maniac and will have a harder time getting players to take the bait. If you are labeled reckless, then players with deeper pockets will just lie in wait to ambush you and swallow up your chip stack.

Be disciplined in your play, stay focused, and your ability to move up in stakes will come in time. Patience is your friend when playing the loose aggressive betting style.