Online poker is something that many people play, but few are successful at. Here are some tips to help improve the way you play.

  1. Bluff Smart. Bluffing has become a normal part of playing poker. Bluffing in the online world of poker is different than bluffing when playing poker in the real world. Bluffing online can be useful when people have been shy about raising allowing you to place a high bid to show other players your confidence in your hand. Bluffing against passive players is also something that could play off. Just remember if you decide to bluff to be smart about it and bluff wisely.
  1. Study Your Opponents. Unlike playing in person, online poker does not allow you to see someone’s physical tells. On the other hand, although physical tells are not apparent, you can see a players patterns. You can see how aggressive and passive a player’s bets are and how tight or loose they play their hands. When you can analyze a person’s playing style, they become more predictable in the long run.
  1. Take Notes. Now, this might sound weird, but taking notes can prove to be a valuable reference to look back on later. Most online poker rooms have in-game notepads that you can take notes on in, and if they don’t provide one just write them down. Take notes on specific players and the way they play or your own poker results to look back on. Having these types of notes can help you if you ever get stuck or need a reference to something later on.
  1. Bet Consistently. Your normal bet is important to the way you play the game. People will take notice of your bets, so make sure to keep them consistent. Keeping your bluffs consistent will make it harder for opponents to guess what you have in your hand. If you make a similar bet on strong hands and bluffs you put your opponents in a very challenging situation. They will not be able to decipher what is in your hand, making it hard for the to read the situation. A situation like this could cause them to make mistakes that will benefit you.
  1. Play Stakes Carefully. Losing money is bound to happen when playing poker, there really is no control in that. What you can control is how much you lose. Don’t bet all your money at once. If you are willing to lose 1,000 dollars playing start by playing 10-20 dollar games. So if you lose some hands it is not that big of a deal and if you win you can quickly move up to playing higher stake games. Betting in lower stake games is especially important if you are new to the online poker world. Bet small while you are adjusting to playing online poker.
  1. Know When to Fold. New players, especially, tend to make the mistake of playing too many hands. People often forget that playing more does not mean that you will win more. If a hand is horrible, fold. Playing smart is the key to being successful at poker, so know when a hand is worth it and when it is better to quit before you lose a lot of money.


Finally, do not exhaust yourself as playing tired leads to mistakes. Take breaks when you need them. A great way to relax your mind after a strenuous poker session is to play a game like domino qq, which is also offered on many of the online poker sites. If you are struggling to improve the way you play the game, keep these tips in mind.