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Welcome to Ecu Discovering. We offer gambling advice and information for those planning to become a professional gambler. We offer tips and resources that are easy to understand even for beginners. It is our goal to make sure that you lessen the chances of losing and maximize your profits when playing in a casino.


The elite gamblers are usually playing with a strategy that works for him. Different gamblers will give you a different opinion on how to approach casinos. However, if you plan on becoming a good gambler, or someone who can be called a pro, you will need to make sure that you develop your own tactical gambling strategy. Here are some tips that can come in handy for someone aspiring to be a successful gambler.


Gambling Secrets Professional Gamblers Won’t Tell You

A lot of professional gamblers are already making a living from playing their favorite games. Most likely, they are not making a fortune out of roulette or slots that are mainly based on luck. However, it is typically poker that gives professional gamblers their source of income.

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Best Way to Become Better at Online Poker

Best Way to Become Better at Online Poker

In order to become a better online poker or tunaspoker player, you need to start doing the things the best gamblers do each session to build their bankroll more rapidly.


Mixing Up Your Poker Play

When you are unable to build a bankroll at the online poker websites, the trick is to make the rest of the table want to leave you be. If you play tight, they push you around, and if you are too aggressive, they will trap you and wipe you out. Flying under the radar means playing a little of each, just enough to keep others from being able to predict what you have or what you might be doing the next hand.


Never Mix Poker and Drinking

Of all the mistakes that you could make gambling at the online poker rooms, one stands high above all the others. Make no mistake about it, drinking equals being broke. If you drink alcohol because you feel relaxed at home, don’t gamble. You will never be able to stick to your limits for the day, and usually, you make terrible betting decisions like risking too much on the hands or staying a lot longer than you should on a certain game.


Setting Reachable Goals

How will you know if you won enough money playing poker online if you didn’t set goals? Without a daily goal, you’ll just keep playing too long, and then when your aces get cracked by a pair of twos, you’ll wish you had cashed out when you were way up. Set goals for the session, when you win that amount, you have to get into the habit of stopping and walking away, even if you think you might be on the hottest streak of your life.


Getting Other Players Off Their Game

One of the ways you are going to build your chip stack at the online poker website is putting others on tilt. To do this, just keep working on one player. Raise them each time they are in the blind, raise over the top of their bets all the time, and push all in when they check their hand. When you flash them your bluff each time, they will start losing focus and make calls they shouldn’t and get in hands they have no business being in.


Becoming Reckless at the Poker Tables

The secret to building your bankroll at the online poker room is aggressive betting. If you are too comfortable playing tight, then that is the reason why you have no bankroll, the rest of the table is literally pushing you off your hands. Pick your spots and start betting with more force, scaring the weaker players and telling the strong players that they need to find an easier source to bully. If you get a reputation as being aggressive, you will have less people targeting your chip stack.


If you start to incorporate these tips into your game, you will get better at playing online poker.

Tips for Growing Your Online Poker Players Bankroll

Growing your online poker bankroll gets easier when you know the techniques the best players utilize each gambling session on sites like

Avoiding Distractions Around You

The game of online poker is moving so quickly that if you blink you might miss something. To that point, there are players at the online sites that are so distracted the miss key betting opportunities that you now can capitalize on. Before playing at the online casino, limit your distractions by turning off the television, getting off the phone, and logging off any social media site. By doing this, you will be in the best position to see player tells and make the most of any opportunity.

Learn to Mix Up Your Play

The silent killer to your game at the online poker site is betting patterns. You get so comfortable playing poker online that you relax and fall into patterns that you may not even realize. You are checking with great hands to trap, you call all the way to the river with draws, and you never call a raise before the flop. The rest of the table figured this out in an hour, and they have been quietly chipping away at your stack since then.

Bluff When the Time is Right

Whether you bet aggressively or not, one thing you need to start practicing is bluffing. There is no sense in waiting for premium hands, they come by so infrequently that you can use this to your advantage. Start bluffing when you sense weakness because the odds are in your favor the other players didn’t start with premium hands either. If you have been watching a weak player who is a calling station, you can lead them to the river before reeling them in too.

Pay Attention to Table Limits

The reason you may not be building a solid online poker bankroll is because you are playing at tables where the stakes are too high. If you are sitting with your entire bankroll, the minute you get a pair of aces and think you got the table, you are done. Those pocket aces get cracked by the cowboy in the last position who played his 3 7 off suit and caught a straight on the flop. Now you are broke, angry, and looking to reload again.

Setting Poker Playing Goals

Imagine playing online poker like you drive your car. If you don’t have any idea where you are driving, you will never know when you get there. The same can be said about online poker, if you don’t know how much you need to win today, how do you know when to stop playing? Set a goal before you play, like a small percentage of your bankroll, then you must quit as soon as you hit that number and come back tomorrow to build on that success.

More tips can be found on Youtube:

If you take the time to work these tips into your online poker game, you’ll start to see your bankroll grow faster each week.

Winning At Online Games: Odds At WInning On Slots

Winning At Online Games: Odds At WInning On Slots

Odds At WInning On Slots

You are probably thinking about playing online slots if you have not already. If you are playing or considering playing slots, what exactly are my odds? It is as comfortable as pressing the spin button, keeping your fingers crossed, and praying for a huge hit. Right? WRONG. Before playing any slots, you need an understanding of how the odds are set up. Choosing the best game is essential to profitable wins.

Slots Today

Not too long ago, slot machines were enormous machines powered by mechanical innards. These mechanical mechanisms set up the numerous combinations available for a player to possibly win.

Machines no longer power today’s slot or สล็อต games. Microprocessors power these slot games. These microprocessors commonly referred to as random number generators, generate random numbers, setting up where the reels fall.

An online casino should have their random number generators audited by an independent agency at regular intervals for fair playing practices. Besides, software manufacturers should have all gaming software programs audited and verified before gaming licenses are granted.

Do Your Homework Before You Play Your Slots

Every new online slot game has a blueprint for payouts and guidelines that accompany the game. These par sheets( blueprints) feature a list of symbols that on each reel and the quantity.

Some slot games may only have 30 symbols on a reel, and some have over 200 symbols on a reel. The more symbols on a reel, the more chances of winning and losing combinations.

Par sheets will specify jackpot totals and how many spins needed to hit the jackpot. Does this mean the odds are set up and fixed? No, the reels still run at random and in the independence of each reel.

Know How Much You Can Possibly WIn

What are your chances of hitting a winner? Know how often three-symbol-combination works. Your odds of hitting a win determined by the amount of the slots and number of icons on each of the reels. We will use a classic three-wheel slot as an example. On three wheels, and 20 symbols on each reel, odds of hitting one exact symbol is 20 to 1 to catch one symbol. These odds are what is referred to as three-symbol-combination. Most online slot games have five reels, which puts the probable combinations in the millions.

Knowing When To Hold Them And Knowing When To Fold Them

Their volatility determines slot games wins. Slot games with higher volatility carry a higher risk to your bankroll, meaning you could go a long time and not gain anything and then land a huge jackpot. On the opposite side, a lower volatility slot game offers more many wins. However, these wins will be smaller wins.


There is no right and tried secret to winning at online slot games. Learning the ins and outs of slot games can prepare you for a possible win. Anyone safest bet is to play responsibility and not play above your means. Play with those considerations in mind, and enjoy your online games.

Important Things To Know When Playing Online Bingo

Important Things To Know When Playing Online Bingo

If you are someone who enjoys playing the game of bingo, then you may want to consider playing bingo at your convenience. There are many online bingo and casino sites that now offer their players to join in on online bingo games. There are also many casinos who offer special promotions and deals two there bingo games that allow you to play bingo for free many times. You no longer have to wait until the start time of an event in order to get in on a game of bingo, you can easily access online bingo anytime of the day. Many online bingo post provide bingo games to their players 24/7. This is a great advantage to many players, since many traditional bingo game events require that you wait until a specific start time as well as for all the other bingo players to join in. Playing online bingo is probably one of the smartest ways to gamble and have fun at the same time.

If you have taken an interest in joining in on online bingo, then you may want to be aware of its many advantages. Online bingo is one of the more convenient and fun ways to gamble and at the same time enjoy large social events. If you have family and or friends who also enjoy playing bingo with you, you no longer have to waste time and gas attending an in-person event. You can easily access online bingo from the comfort of your own home. You can request your family and or friend to easily log on to their online bingo account they will create, and you can all join in on the same game. You can also chat with each other during the game and throughout the whole time you are on that bingo site, since many online bingo casinos provide this feature for their players. The online bingo casinos have been steadily increasing, as more and more people are becoming aware of how convenient they are and how much money you can possibly earn.

There are many online bingo casinos that offer significant amount of jackpots and bonuses for their players. The online bingo business is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry, with generous amounts of money to give out. Many people who join in on the online bingo games are also given a peace of mind while they are playing. Many times, during the in-person bingo games you are faced with having to hear those who like to be loud and make odd sounds to express themselves during a bingo game. When this occurs, you are less likely to enjoy your bingo game, because you are constantly being interrupted by the person sitting next to you. Playing bingo at home, allows you to play peacefully and you are able to enjoy and focus on your bingo game while still being able to play with family and friends who join in on the games wherever they are in the world.

Playing online bingo is fun and exciting. When you are able to play with our family and friends online makes it even more of an experience to try. If you are a bingo lover, then consider trying out online bingo, as you may find a new calling in life.

What you should know about the Amazing Kartu qq

What you should know about the Amazing Kartu qq

Definition of Kartu qq

Kartu qq is a type of game which is a combination of skill, strategy, and gambling. Kartu qq is played using a set of dominoes. Players take small cards which are later discarded after several games. The cards are disposed of when they show some signs of wearing. Discarding cards helps to avoid any form of rigging and to avoid being predictable. Kartu qq is a popular form of gambling carried out in Indonesia. The players of Kartu qq are supposed to bet which is part of the play. The winner is declared based on the combinations of cards they have. The game is quite interesting because individuals take time to pick cards which remains a secret. Some of the cards picked remain hidden by the individual until the end.

Things to Know about Kartu qq

Kartu qq varies depending on the type of game that the players want to play. The games vary depending on the number of cards that a player is supposed to hide, the cards shared, and the total number of cards available for the game. Another major factor considered while playing Kartu qq is the betting procedure that is followed. Before the game starts, the players must decide on betting procedures and rules about cards. Players of Karu qq must pay a fixed ante before starting. After evaluation of the cards, players bet in case there was no previous bettor. Other options for all players are folding, raising cards, and calling. However, all these actions are carried out when no one previously made a bet.

Tips and Tricks of Kartu qq

If only one bettor was in the initial round, the game ends. The first bettor, in this case, takes the win without necessarily showing the cards. Players who did not get a chance to fold the cards are given the fourth card. After that, the second round of betting is conducting. It is worth noting that this is the final round for all players. Limits are also set for the second and first rounds. The good thing about the final round is that it has higher limits than the first round. Immediately the final betting round is over, all players who did not fold cards are supposed to expose them. The winner is declared based on the highest hand. Pairs of cards are formed which is followed by a summation of the pips of all the pairs. Comparison of all pairs is done where the highest pair is compared first. To win this game, players must incorporate various techniques. A player may decide to use bluffing strategies or mathematics to determine the action that they should take. A player should be careful because taking the pot is determined by actions taken such folding or betting. The game is quite interesting and could be played to make money or for recreation. Tournaments are also organized involving professional players and spectators.

Understanding the Rules and Strategies of Domino Poker

Understanding the Rules and Strategies of Domino Poker

If you love playing online poker, you will go crazy for domino poker. Tiles instead of cards, each player will get five tiles and try to make the most pairs of fives to win. There are no black or double ones, and fives are the best hand.

Betting is simple, one round where players can bet, call, fold, check or raise. No common cards, you show your cards after betting and the winner scoops the pot with the best hand.

Here are a few ways to increase your winnings at the domino 99 Poker.

Mixing Tight and Aggressive Play

If you are not making any money at the online poker website, it might be time to start switching up you play so that you can move in the other direction. Too many players are so tight that they can be pushed off a hand with a minimal raise. To keep under the radar, mix in a little aggressive play at least every other round. These bluffs will tell other players to look for easier marks, allowing you to start making money and avoiding those confrontations.

Tilting the Other Players

Getting under another player’s skin is a great way to get them to go on tilt and give you all their chips. Start by raising the blinds each time this player is in the blinds. Next, each time you bluff them, be sure to show them the hole cards. Remind them with the online chat how you bluffed them, and keep the pressure up. Eventually, they will grow tired and call one of your bets. Hopefully, you have a monster hand and can slow play to the river when you literally take their entire stack from them.

Clean Up Your Environment

The best way to improve your skills at the online poker rooms is to start focusing your efforts on playing in pristine environments. When you play poker on your mobile device while riding the bus to work or in the break room for lunch, you are basically playing in the worst conditions. Distractions keep you from jumping on opportunities and avoiding getting a bad beat. Start by getting off social media when you are playing poker, shut the television off, and tell your family or friends that you will call them later.

Set Daily Winning Goals

It doesn’t matter how good you are playing at online poker websites, if you are not setting goals before you log into your account, then you are never going to build a substantial bankroll. The hands come fast at the online poker website, so you could see up to four times more hands than you would if you were playing at the online casino. This means a bad beat can be around the corner and wipe you out if you stay too long, so set goals, stick to them, and get profits off the table.

Stick to this strategy and focus on the way other players bet their tiles to win more pots too.